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Established in March 2015 by Osei Rubie, National Standard Abstract (NSA) is a dynamic team of title-insurance experts. We provide a tailored service for each of our clients informed by decades of intricate real estate experience. NSA’s team has worked with the most active commercial real estate developers in the New York Metropolitan Area and around the country. Our extensive knowledge has helped clients navigate transactions for mixed-use, office, market-rate and affordable housing, faith-based development, amusement parks and hospitals. 

Since launching in 2015, NSA has closed over $1 billion in transactions in the State of New York as well as the State of New Jersey.

As National Standard Abstract continues to expand its geographic reach of commercial transactions, the company’s pipeline has extended outside of the Northeast Region with millions in Affordable, Market Rate & Faith-Based Developments.

In addition to providing thoughtful and personalized service, National Standard Abstract organizes events that create access and connectivity for real estate professionals. 


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National Standard Resource Center was formed by Nadir Rubie to provide continuing education to real estate professionals in residential & commercial real estate. Our commitment to advancing the learning process for these real estate professionals remains at the forefront of our priorities. By providing this cutting-edge insight on all things real estate, our mission is to create an exchange, making a greater impact on the real estate industry and the people they service.



Based on National Standard Abstract’s excellent customer service, we at J. Backer Group are proud to work alongside their company to better provide an experience of efficiency and service.

Their continued expert knowledge has added great value to our Real Estate closings over the year.

It’s with great pleasure we recommend NSA for all title needs.

Many thanks to the team behind NSA!
— Vanesa Paulino
They are very professional and thorough. I got my title report back rather quickly and they were extremely responsive to all of my questions. I will definitely use them again in the future and I will surely recommend them to anyone looking to make a purchase.
— Ylana Holtz
Our firm is truly satisfied with the service that we receive from the staff at National Standard Abstract. Their attention to detail and hands on approach are qualities hard to find with other title companies. We have chosen National Standard as our #1 title company for our clients.
— Crystal Beaumont
Out of all the title companies I have dealt with; National Standard Abstract has by far been the most professional, detail oriented, customer driven entity. Their attention to detail makes the process as seamless as possible. My recommendation comes without reservation to utilize their services. They will not disappoint!
— Marcia E
You guys are the BEST! It feels great to have a super competent, go-the-extra-mile, team like your’s helping me to make my practice and my business better. Many thanks to you all.
— I. R. Mattei, Esq.
As a banker I’ve had many closings with National Standard Abstract. Every time myself, clients and referral partners have been pleased with their services along with the positive can do spirit.
— Jason Forrester
A reputable Title company that stands out among the competition. As a satisfied business partner, I would recommend National Standard Abstract to all real estate attorneys and my fellow real estate professionals.
— Arthur Briscoe
I had the opportunity to work with National Standard Abstract on several of my real estate transactions. They are efficient and always responsive to concerns and questions. I will continue to use National Standard Abstract on future real estates transactions.
— Sherraine August
Excellent turn time
— Bridget Jobe
I would highly recommend National Standard Abstract. The staff is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail and experience in both residential and commercial real estate allows for smooth transactions. I look forward to working with NSA again.
— yadlynd
Can’t say anything but great things about NSA. The staff and closing agents were fully prepared, and took care of all matters in anticipation of the Closing. It made for a smooth transaction! When it came to the Closing itself, I was surprised to see Osei Rubie himself attend, even though it wasn’t the biggest of deals. Way to show appreciation and commitment! Thank you NSA for all your work!

Juan C. Restrepo, Esq.
Principal Attorney
— Juan Restrepo
Hands down the best, super responsive and efficient. Great work all around
— Chris Your Realtor
The service is outstanding. Whether a big or small deal, they have been treated with the same attention and detail in service. I have ALWAYS gotten immediate response and address of any issues. I will recommend National Standard Abstract every time.
— Nicole Dixon
I’ve dealt with many title companies over the years, however only a few are as good as Osei and his company. They are extremely diligent and a pleasure to deal with. I’m happy to recommend national standard abstract without reservation!
— Brian Goldberg
I am a real estate investor, and my business counts on reliable title that i can count on. National Standard Abstract is very responsive, and professional. They even followed up with me to make sure every thing closed on time. I would use them again and highly recommend them.
— Maurice Russell Grey
Highly professional title insurance firm offering the hiqhest quality service to my clients. National Standard Abstract is staffed with highly knowledgeable industry professionals that are timely and courteous. As a mortgage loan officer, that type of service is highly valued and I highly recommend them to all real estate professionals in need of title insurance services.
— Shawn Carson
National Standard Abstract is unparalleled in customer service and delivery. They care about you and assuring that your business is handled effectively and efficiently. They are truly a leader in the industry. I highly recommend their service! - Sabine K. Franco, Esq., Principal of Franco Law Firm, P.C.
— Sabine K. Franco

Ericka Keller, Brisa Builders

“National Standard Abstract has truly set the standard for the high level of title insurance service that a premier company should provide to their clients. NSA makes a commitment to their client to be at the forefront of the title regulations and all matter pertinent to real estate transactions. This is extremely important for churches and religious organizations in which leadership and managed ownership of the property usually changes over time. NSA has developed true expertise regarding properties owned by religious institutions and has been instrumental in closing our faith-based development projects.”

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Reverend O’Connor- First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica

“Churches are blessed with the stewardship of property created as a legacy by previous generations.

It’s imperative that pastors and church leaders get a comprehensive understanding of the history of the church owned property early in the development process so that they can identify and address challenges that may be impactful on the project.

National Standard Abstract has the expertise to successfully navigate any challenges that may be identified setting up the church/religious institution for a successful repurposing of its property to fulfill its mission. We highly recommend NSA for your development project.”

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Christopher Bramwell, CB Emmanuel

“Our real estate transactions are complex and involve numerous parcels. National Standard Abstract was the right choice for our development projects. With our long standing, business relationship, our firm will continue to use National Standard Abstract on our development projects. Great work and continues success.”

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Kenneth Morrison, Lemor Development Group

“As a real estate developer in affordable housing each development project we work on is very unique. I have used National Standard Abstract for my real estate development projects because their team is very responsive and well versed in the complexities of title-related issues that arise in affordable housing development transactions. Osei Rubie and his team at National Standard Abstract have done an exceptional job in servicing my real estate transactions.”

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Reverend Vivian Grubb - True Holy Church - Brooklyn, NY

“Religious Organizations sometimes choose the long-term ground lease option as the transactional mechanism for their development project, therefore it’s important to choose a title insurance company that is well versed and has successfully closed various types of real estate transactions. To this end, we are thankful that National Standard Abstract was the title insurance company for our project and we highly recommend National Standard Abstract to any religious organization developing their property.”

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Bishop Hugh C. Nelson, East Flatbush Church of God - Brooklyn, NY

“Religious Congregations take a leap of faith when they collectively and consciously decide to provide a housing ministry to the community. Because of the unique challenges that faith - based organizations face not only as land owners but when building a new sanctuary or a mixed-use development, it’s tantamount to have experts guide organizations throughout the entire process. National Standard Abstract’s Team has proven themselves to be the experts needed on a large scale and complex faith- based development projects. We highly recommend this firm to provide title insurance for Faith- Based organizations.”

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The bridge to building one community at a time

The Osei Rubie Charitable Fund is deeply committed to investing in organizations that will advance the cultural and economic empowerment of the African Diaspora in the U.S. and abroad. We provide grants to IRS-qualified public charities to support programming that will engage, educate, and equip youth of all ages with the tools for success.